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Easy no-tool setup  •  Ultra-lightweight  •  Top Quality Custom Graphics
Gain high brand visibility! Ultra-lightweight aluminum inner frame, super easy no-tool setup & highly portable. Beautiful full surface fabric graphics premium fabric. All BLIMP® hanging signs include superior quality dye-sub printing, hanging harness, and soft case. A quality addition to your next trade show or marketing event.

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8ft Tube Circular 8ft Tube Circular

96in diameter x 42in high


10ft Tube Circular 10ft Tube Circular

120in diameter x 42in high


12ft Tube Circular 12ft Tube Circular

144in diameter x 42in high


15ft Tube Circular 15ft Tube Circular

180in diameter x 42in high


8ft Quad Square 8ft Quad Square

96in x 96in x 42in high


10ft Quad Square 10ft Quad Square

120in x 120in x 42in high


12ft Quad Square 12ft Quad Square

144in x 144in x 42in high


15ft Quad Square 15ft Quad Square

180in x 180in x 42in high


WaveLine® BLIMP TOWER - Kit 1 WaveLine® BLIMP TOWER - Kit 1



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